What is the 30-Minute Workday about? – My Review

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What is the 30-Minute Workday about? – Is it a Scam or Is it Legit?

Hi! Thank you for deciding to read my review on the 30-Minute Workday. If you are like me, you are interested in getting more from your life. After serving 20 years in the military, I wanted to do something that would allow me to live a life of significance. You see, I believe that most people spend half their lives trying to be successful, and the other half trying to be significant. I have been blessed with the luxury of being able to do both at the same time. I get significance from knowing that I am helping others.

The desire to “get-rich-quick” or find a way to make a living without doing a lot of work is desirable, and many people are receptive to the promises made by programs like The 30-Minute Workday. The chances are pretty good that this is a scam. But, as unlikely as it is, what if, this time, it is legitimate? Can you truly make money from home for free?

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If you know anything about me, you know I am a skeptic (more on that in a bit). I understand what it is like not to have any money. I have been in the situation where I had to decide which bill to pay and which one I could skip that month and not have to worry about getting my utilities shut off or getting an eviction notice. To feel trapped, with no way to escape. I understand the appeal of the promises a program like the 30-Minute Workday makes.

In this review, I will discuss what the 30-Minute Workday is and how it works. Then, hopefully, it will help you decide whether it is for you or not. I will explain whether I believe the 30-Minute Workday is a scam or a legitimate opportunity.

Here is what you will find in my review:

  • Precisely what the 30-Minute Workday is
  • Is it a scam?
  • How does it work?
  • Is the 30-Minute Workday program honestly free?
  • My Pros and Cons about the 30-Minute Workday
  • Where do you go next?

The 30-Minute Workday. What is it?Man scratching his face looking confused

The 30-Minute Workday is a beginner-friendly affiliate marketing membership site—one of the latest creations from network marketing genius Nick Bramble. This system offers free and paid options that include step-by-step instructions and training, showing you how to start earning money online.

This system trains you to become a successful affiliate marketer. Taught by Nick, his partners Mike Hobbs, and Paul Hutchings, it shows you how to make money by earning commissions from products created by others instead of creating a product of your own.

But, is it possible to make a living by only working 30 minutes a day? Probably not right away. However, I can see how it is possible to get to that point using the 30-Minute Workday system. Once you get the train rolling, the problem is that if you “fall off,” it’s not so fun jumping back on. It is much better to keep the train moving once you get it going. Eventually, it will gain enough momentum for you to work just 30 minutes a day. Maybe. Read on!

Free Book offer page

In training, Nick tells a story of how he made over $100,000 in ten months, without working a single second! However, the truth of that story is that he did the work to get his train rolling and then “walked away.” Then, without ever lifting a finger to do anything else with that particular “train,” he went back to it ten months later and discovered how much money it had made him. He then goes on to explain why it was a huge mistake to walk away from it. It is a pretty interesting story and an excellent training point.

Scam or Legit, which is it?

I will be the first to admit that my initial reaction to this was a big red flag scam alert! The stories, the videos, the hype all gave me that feeling like I was talking to a sleazy used car salesman. I have researched dozens of online money-making systems, and I have tried a few of them and failed miserably. Within just a few minutes of my research, I was almost positive that the 30-Minute Workday was another scam. Corner of a Keyboard with a "Get me out of here" sticker on it

I wanted it to be the real deal, I did. However, the more I kept hearing Nick talk about how he would “build this business for me,” and I was going to start getting paid in just 48 hours, the more convinced I became that this was yet another scam. After all, this was the same crap the other scams promised, complete with pictures of big houses, cash, and yachts—the BS promise of a money-making machine (push the button and get your free money). No thanks, been there done that, and it didn’t work out.

OK, I am about to admit that I was wrong (This doesn’t happen often!). The 30-Minute Workday is NOT a scam. But, making money online is not as simple as it sounds. You will not be seeing any paychecks showing up in your account in the next two days, no matter how successful you are at it, because the companies that are paying you pay after 30-60 days.

Even still, the 30-Minute Workday is a lot more in-depth and well done than I thought.

So, what made me change my mind about this system? Several things. First and foremost is the creator, Nick Bramble. Nick is a real person. Someone you can look into (if you read about me or some of my other posts, you know I used to be a background investigator.) So, the fact that I could research this guy added some credibility.

Photo of Nick Bramble

My research on Nick taught me that he knows his stuff. He has a history of creating successful online opportunities over the past decade. Not only is Nick a real person, but the testimonials within the 30-Minute Workday program are from real people too. Real people that have used the methods taught by Nick and his “Merry Band of Freedom Crusaders.”

I still don’t like the “scammy” feel of the aggressive marketing techniques they use, suggesting that it is super simple to make money online. But, aggressive marketing does not make the 30-Minute Workday a scam. There is a lot of value in both the free and the paid training. So, in my opinion, the 30-Minute Workday system is a legitimate opportunity.

How Does it Work?

In simple terms, it teaches you how to do email marketing. Yes, there are endless lists of strategies and techniques for email marketing, but the fact is, they are all just variations of the same tried-and-true methods.

Here is a basic rundown of how you can get started.

  1. Create a website (landing page), and offer a free gift in exchange for their email address.
  2. Send traffic to your website.
  3. As traffic takes advantage of your free offer, you are building an email list.
  4. Develop a relationship with your list by sending emails and offering value-added information or products.
  5. Recommend products to your audience and earn commissions off the products they purchase.

That’s the gist of it. A relatively straightforward process that is mostly automated. However, simple does not mean easy. Getting traffic and converting that traffic into leads is a challenging part of this process. It takes skill and finesse. Nick teaches that very well.

Chalkboard that says "Success, go get it"

Nick breaks the training down into three phases.

Phase 1 – In phase one, you activate your “done for you” business, set up your accounts with your various affiliate partners, and customize your site and links. After that, it’s time to learn where to get traffic.

Phase 2 – In phase two, you learn the formula and the system Nick uses to create unlimited wealth by sending a single email each day.

Phase 3 – Then, in phase three, you learn how to unlock “generational wealth.” (how to keep and grow your wealth for generations).

Is the 30-Minute Workday Program Honestly Free?

Man standing with a lot of free stuff

We should talk about the cost because there are some mixed messages out there about this program. The bottom line is yes; you can get the plan and the training for free. But, email marketing is not free. You will need at least two things; A landing-page software program and an email autoresponder to be successful. There are also additional (optional) expenses to consider.

Here is a breakdown of some potential costs/upsells:

  1. The Escape Plan – Free 183-page book (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU AT LEAST GET THIS NO MATTER WHAT!)
  2. Landing Page software – They (and I) recommend HBA Funnel Builder, which costs $25/month
  3. Email Autoresponder – I use and recommend ActiveCampaign Lite – starting at $9/Month for up to 500 contacts.
  4. Personalized Domain – (Not required but highly recommended.) HBA Hosting provides this for $9/Year.
  5. Freedom Launchpad (Site Membership) – $27 one-time payment
  6. Ultimate Email and Traffic Swipe(not required) – $17 one-time payment
  7. Home Business Academy Premium (not required)- $125/month (with a $100/month recurring commission)
  8. Financial Literacy Academy (not required) – $500 one-time payment (expensive, yes, but purchasing this increases your commissions significantly, and they provide fantastic training and information on topics such as debt elimination, tax strategies, car flipping, property management, Gorilla Money Multiplication, and more!)

When you combine the HBA Funnel Builder and the autoresponder, you can create your email lists from the traffic your free offer generates.

So, for about $35 per month, you have a “mostly done” affiliate marketing business. Not bad at all as business operating expenses go. All the other costs listed above are optional but worth the money.

Freedom Platform offer form

Another expense to the 30-Minute Workday is the membership to the “Freedom Launchpad,” a $27 one-time payment. Considering training within this industry can cost thousands, and Nick’s over-the-shoulder style training is excellent, $27 is a minor expense. Then, they have an upsell for another $17 that gives you the ultimate email and traffic swipe file. Again, this is not necessary but recommended.

That said, by purchasing the Freedom Launchpad membership, you get a lifetime of access to the community, tons of training videos, documents, audios, lesson worksheets, and done for you content that you can edit to meet your needs. So, is it worth it? 100% YES!

However, when it comes to Affiliate Marketing, the real expense is traffic. Getting traffic is where many wanna-be Internet entrepreneurs get themselves in some serious trouble and fail, or worse, in severe financial hardship.

So, What is Traffic, and How Do You Get It?traffic on a highway

In the 30-Minute Workday training, Nick and Mike spend a lot of time teaching you about traffic. There is traffic that you own, also known as your email list. You can send emails to this list any time you want, and as long as the emails are providing

value to your subscribers (and they don’t tag it as spam), this traffic is yours.

Where things get a bit cloudy is with the traffic that you don’t own. There are two types of traffic that you don’t own; Paid traffic and Free traffic. The training includes a “traffic blueprint” that shows how to generate traffic and then turn that traffic into traffic you own. I would caution anyone to use every free source of traffic possible before you consider paying for traffic.

Paid traffic could cost you, on average, anywhere from $0.50 to $1.00 per click, and that could add up fast, especially considering that you can’t be sure of the quality of that paid traffic until after you already bought it. There are a lot of scammers out there charging for clicks that will never convert. If you decide to use paid traffic, make sure you set a marketing budget that does not put you in a financial bind.

OK, I Have Traffic, Now What?

cardboard sign that says "What now?"

Now that you have the traffic coming in, you have to convert that traffic into sales. Unfortunately, this is where so many newcomers fail. Knowing how to transform your traffic into sales is a very lucrative skill and critical to being a successful affiliate marketer. Think of it like this; have you heard the adage about teaching a man to fish? Well, if you know how to convert your traffic into sales, you are fishing in a small pond with a giant net! You are all but guaranteed to be successful.

This is yet another area in which Nick shines. Not only does he have a huge net, he knows how to make that net even bigger! I hope that makes sense to you because it does to me :). Suffice it to say, Nick is the one you want teaching you how to convert your traffic into sales.

Nick isn’t the only one with this fantastic skill, either. As a member of the 30-Minute Workday, you have access to a community of accommodating members. They have a live chat through Telegram, a YouTube channel, and daily updates through email. On top of all that, they have daily “Mindset Mastermind” calls every weekday morning and live Monday Night Marketing Mastermind phone calls.

My Pros and Cons about the 30-Minute Workday Program

woman looking questioning holding an angel in one hand and a devil in the other

When I started my research, I expected to get bombarded with negative reviews. On the contrary, I had to dig pretty deep to find any negative reviews. Granted, they’re out there; no system works for 100% of the people who try it, even though Nick touts that his approach is proven to work 100% of the time. Here is the thing, just because a method doesn’t work for someone, that doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the technique. We each have unique skills and ways we like to do things.


  1. You can join for free WITHOUT using a credit card.
  2. The training is fantastic, thorough, and simple to follow with live support through multiple venues (phone, live chat, social media, email, etc.). It is taught by a proven (and researchable) subject matter expert.
  3. Over-The-Shoulder type training videos to get you set up quickly
  4. Done-For-You products make it easy for all skill levels.
  5. You don’t have to have a website (although I highly recommend having one.)
  6. Nick teaches a “timeless” system that will not become irrelevant as technology or society advances.
  7. You learn how to create multiple income streams, scale your business, and multiply your income.
  8. Exceptional training on the types of income and what affiliate programs to choose to earn them
  9. You can earn commissions in just a couple of days (even though you don’t receive those earnings that quickly.
  10. They provide you with sources for paid traffic.


  1. Very aggressive marketing tactics
  2. Misleading sales material leaves potential customers feeling skeptical.
  3. Mixed messages about the cost. Partial-access is free, but there is a monthly fee for the tools needed to be successful. However, if you get a couple of referrals, you cover your costs. Otherwise, you may have monthly out-of-pocket expenses.
  4. The “Done-For-You” pages are the same for everyone; the market may become saturated with similar, gimmicky looking pages.
  5. If you are not interested in adding email marketing to your business, this program is not for you.
  6. They encourage paid traffic, which could be dangerous for newbies.
  7. It is likely to take more than 30 minutes a day to achieve success.

Chalkboard drawing of a man walking up the stairs to the words "What's Next"Where Do You Go Next?

When I started looking into the 30-Minute Workday, I was just like you, skeptical and wondering how legitimate it was. When you are struggling to make ends meet and feel trapped in your situation, it can be difficult. There should be more to life than just breaking even.

This system is not a “magic pill.” It will not make you rich overnight; no system will. But, if you think you are ready to start making money online, the 30-Minute Workday can help you. The methods Nick teaches work, and they work well. You never know; this might be the system that does it for you! If you want to check it out, you can go here to get started.  If you think you would rather look into affiliate marketing training options, check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate.   I hope you found this review helpful, and as always, if you have any questions, comments, or experience with 30-Minute Workday, please share them below.

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  1. Staring an online store or business is very smart and those who have fully understanding if how to go about it will be making so much progress within a short time and that is very good. However, making money off the internet is good and getting a guide on how to go about it is very helpful. I have seen some other article about it and I’m very interested on learning how to drive traffic to your site 

  2. Well, to be very honest, I was not thrilled about this when I first heard about it and up till now, I am still not thrilled about the prospect offered by this here. I do not think it can be that much easy to just get started and make money from working 3p?

    • Hi Liza, thank you for your response!  I too was very skeptical.  But I have to tell you it works.  Like I said in my article, the marketing is very aggressive and it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that you will be successful in just 30 minutes per day.  But, for me, I spent about 20 hours or so going through the training and getting things set up.  Now, I spend about 1 hour per day doing things with this system.

      One of the best things about this is that it has a lot of automations.  For example, I have a series of emails set up so that if someone does a certain action, say for example they subscribe to my page.  They will automatically get an email thanking them for joining and I will get a notification of that so I can welcome them and answer any questions they have.  They will also get the rest of that email series without me having to take any additional actions.  That is part of how you don’t have to work so much each day.

  3. Oh, it is really nice to see a review about this 30 minutes workday platform and how it is possible for one to be able to make something from it. I’m happy that you did a personal research on this to show us that it is possible for us to be able to make something out of the platform itself and I will surely be looking to give it a go.

  4.  it is really nice to see a review about this 30 minutes workday platform and how it is possible for one to be able to make something from it. For so long i have been hearing about email marketing but had no idea how it worked, but from what i have read it seem very easy to carryout and it’s among the most effective way to get to the heart of clients.

    • Hi Dan!  Thank you for your reply!  I didn’t know anything about email marketing either, I just knew that I really hate spam/junk mail!  lol  That being said,  I will never allow my email marketing campaign to be something that I feel is overly aggressive or that does not provide value.  It is my goal to help people solve problems they are experiencing, not to add to them.  Thanks again!  Best of luck in your future successes!

  5. Hi Tom,
    I thought this was a really excellent review of one of the many “make money online” programs. I have personally been involved in a couple of others – one was quite good and the other very much a scam.
    I can well understand how aggressive marketing techniques make one suspicious, and I would have certainly suspected a scam without your review. One thing that bothers me about “Done For You” stuff is as you mentioned – market saturation.
    As always, though, it takes a lot more time than 30 Minutes a Day to get everything up and running, and I really valued your honesty when dealing with this aspect.
    Thanks for a great review.

  6. I didn’t know 30-minute workday so, first of all, thank you – I always look for trainings and try to improve my performance even if I have an established online business. 

    It sounds very interesting, and to know more about it I downloaded the ebook. I think I will ask you some questions once I finish it. Is it a problem?

    But honestly, I have to tell you that I don’t love aggressive sales techniques: I’m the worst kind of buyer. I’m always suspicious and get bored pretty soon if the vendor is too intrusive. I guess I will have a lot of emails from them in the next days, but that’s fine: it will help me to get info about their method. Thanks a lot for this info!

    • Thanks RoMa.  Of course it is ok if you ask me questions!  If I don’t know the answer, I will find it for you and let you know!

      I am with you on the aggressive sales techniques.  I don’t like them at all.  That being said, the training does not require you to be an aggressive or pushy sales person.  If that were the case, I would have dropped it like a hot coal!  I encourage you to read the eBook and let me know if you have any questions.  I will warn you, If you downloaded it from my site/link, you will get two additional emails, (one per day for the next two days) but hopefully, you will find value in those as well 🙂  I hope that is not too aggressive.

      I look forward to your questions and thoughts on the book!  Enjoy!

  7. When I first heart of 30 minutes work day , I was skeptical and wondering how legitimate it was. When you are struggling to make ends meet and feel trapped in your situation, it can be difficult to actually think well. Then again I saw this post and I was able to read and understand that no matter what work must be done nothing comes easily. I love the concept and that is for sharing.

    • Thanks for your response Ajayi-Ojo!  You are 100% correct!  No matter what path you take, you are going to have to put in the work if you want to be successful!

  8. As someone who has written the article and tried out the system personally, I agree it’s not a scam. But and there generally is one, getting traffic to a pre-built funnel can be extremely difficult to do not to mention can also be very expensive if you don’t know what you are doing. I’m not at a point yet where I think this is for me. One to think about for the future.

    • Thanks Lisa!  I agree that it can be an expensive mistake to make if you are not comfortable with the process and if you don’t follow through with the steps.  I am very glad that their community is just as supportive as WA’s.  They have live “Mastermind” calls every weekday morning with the “Big Wigs” that created the platform and many of the top earners.  It is a very motivating way to start the day!

  9. There are so many of these schemes out there now it’s hard for newcomers to navigate the good from the bad. Your article certainly has some good guidance and provides reassurance that it is a legitimate program. I do question though what percentage of people who have signed up can say they have achieved these earnings? Be interesting to find out. Thanks

    • Thanks Dan!  One of the creators, Mike Hobbs, is a numbers guy and, while he can’t track everyone’s stuff individually, he does track the platform as a whole.  I am not allowed to disclose those numbers but he recently posted them in a private MeWe group for us to see. and, as with anything HUGE numbers are an exception, not a rule, but his three week numbers showed conversion rates and a very modest performer can easily make over $1500 in upfront sales and $600/month in residuals.  Pretty amazing numbers in my opinion!

      Thanks again!  I hope you enjoy the book and let me know if you have any questions!

  10. Hello there,

    Thank you very much for this beautiful piece of information. I appreciate your effort to show us your honest opinion and review on 30 Minuute Workday. To be honest, I already concluded that it is scam but one never could imagine that it is actually another legitimate opportunity. I am not still yet convinced to invest on the platform. Thanks once again. Keep on the good work

    • Hi Miraclex!  It is always nice to hear from you.  Thank you for your honest feedback.  Like you, I initially wrote this platform off as a scam, mainly because of the aggressive marketing strategies and unrealistic claims.  I figured it was another “Get rich quick” scam.  I am so glad that I continue to research it further though!  I truly believe in the 30 MWD and their community is just as amazing as WA’s!

      One of the first lessons they teach is that you will not be an overnight success and you have to set realistic goals.  The first goal they encourage is to make enough money to pay for your expenses.  After that, it’s time to dig in!

      I will not try to push this program on anyone and I understand completely your hesitation to invest in it.  It is obvious to me that you do your due diligence and I hope that my review and information was able to help you make an informed decision.  Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

      Best of luck to you in your future successes!


  11. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing article, it is a very nice obe and you totally deserve to have the best too, there are lots of businesses online that we can get into and it’s very nice that you shared this about 30 minutes workday, it’s very interesting and educative. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Thank you Bolt!  I am glad that you found it helpful!  Enjoy the book and let me know if you have any questions!

      Thanks again!


  12. Hello there! It is always a pleasure seeing your articles.  Great job you done here. Thank you so much for sharing this piece, glad to have come across this. Well I am quite skeptical about this one tho, while normally i would screw past this, your recommendation seem to he the only reason why I am getting second thoughts

    • Thanks Josh.  It means a lot to me that you trust me enough to at least take my opinions into consideration.  Like I said in my review, I am not a fan of the aggressive marketing that they use, BUT when you become a part of the 30MWD and HBA community, they are just as amazing as WA is.  There is no pressure for you to use the same aggressive techniques they use, they simply teach you the process of being successful.  For example, I have complete power and control over how many emails are sent and how often they are sent to my subscribers.  If you downloaded the eBook (which I strongly encourage you to do whether you plan to try 30MWD or not), you will receive two additional emails from me (not twenty) 🙂  One per day for the two days following when you download the book.  If you receive those emails, I hope that you find value in them as well.  That is my goal anyway!

      Thanks again my friend!  Talk to you soon!  (By the way, did you get a chance to read my blog post on living a life of significance?  If not, you should.  I think you will enjoy it.


  13. I love your conclusion on the whole system – there is no quick rich overnight. Every system need to be built gradually. Buying traffic is the worst one should do or think off as an affiliate or network marketer. I love Nicks system of thorough training in the 30 minutes workday, open and straight. But following the paid traffic canlead to error, it is better you build your traffic gradually. Your list is the main part of your business.

    • Thanks Parameter.  Paid traffic can be a risky path.  Understanding the difference between paid traffic and free traffic and how effective your traffic is, is critical.

  14. Hey there!

    I absolutely appreciate you sharing that review on 30-Minute Workday with us. I love to know things that will make the best out of me so I was glad to read through every of the review. The review revealed so many worthy informations about the program and I think it is worth giving a try.


    • Thanks Caroline.  I strongly encourage you to at least get the free eBook.  That alone is packed full of excellent information.  That will also help you decide if the program is right for you or not.  That’s what I did.  Good luck!  Let me know if you have any questions.

  15. Hi!

    I started watching what Nick has to say and I had the same feeling as you had at the first. It sounded like a big fat scam. But then I started to research and read reviews about this platform and I have discovered it is not a scam. It’s not the best site out there, but it’s not a scam.

    • Hi Ann.  Thanks for your response.  At first glance, it’s easy to think the 30MWD is a scam.  I am so glad that I decided to do more research.  I have no regrets about my decision.  I am glad my review is helping others decide if it’s right for them or not.

      Thank you for respecting my review enough to do your own research.  It means a lot to me.  Best of luck to you with your future successes.

  16. Thank you for your review on 30 minute workday. I came across this the other day and I just have to find out what is it all about. I really want to believe Nick that I can make $100,000 within 10 months also but the reality is that is may not sounds as easy as Nick made it sound to be. I do not like his approach as well, I prefer the transparency approach not gorilla marketing. I guess, I am going to check out the free trail and take it from there if this program is more like my style or not. 

    • Thanks Nuttanee!  I am glad you found my review helpful!  There’s a lot of amazing information in that book!  The process is super simple, but just because it’s simple, that doesn’t mean it is easy.  Best of luck to you with your future successes!

  17. Hmm, another option to look into for the future, you have done a good review and I can see how this would possibly help.

    I do however have a strategy I am working on and need to complete that before looking into building my email list but thanks for the heads up.

    • Thanks Crypto!  It’s definitely worth looking at!  Good luck with your current strategy and in all of your future successes!

  18. I have to admit, it does sound good and decent at first with the program being suited for beginners. That is, until Nick dropped the bomb of $100,000 in ten months, I think most people would have known that’s not possible but since he’s targetting beginners, it’s not meant for people like us, right? 

    Especially with the done-for-you system, ohh how I worry about how Google would look at that. Though some of Nick’s content is good, I think the 30-Minute Workday does have its fair share of risks that is way too dangerous to overlook.

    • Thanks Riaz.  I appreciate your comments and your honest opinion.  Nick’s story is pretty incredible and not something a beginner is likely to repeat (making $100,000+ in 10 months) but he also explains that too.  Nick encourages everyone to learn the process and stick with it.  If you do, it is very doable down the road.

  19. Very informative read. It targets all the doubts and questions one would have about this topic. At first, seeing this 30 min workday I would be hesitant on believing it, but after reading the given article it provides so much stories and countering information. This article does a good job at turning those disbelievers. Thanks!

    • Thanks Ray!  My goal with my reviews is to educate others on the good and the bad points of whatever I am reviewing so they can make a more informed decision about whether it is right for them or not.  Best of luck to you in your future successes!

  20. This is the first I have heard of the 30 min workday plan. If I had run into it online before seeing this review, I would have had the same initial thought as you did. With the hype and title along with the suggestion that they were going to do the work for me and in 48 hours I would have been making money, that would have been a huge red flag for me.

    After reading your review though, it shows that sometime you have to go deeper to find the truth about some of these opportunites before just running away or trashing them. I do not believe that there is a get rich quick method, but if an opportunity could just tell you the truth and tell you that it is going to take hard work, it would definitely make a difference in how folks look at them.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review and respond to it Apersinger!  It is very sad that there are so many scammers out there willing to take advantage of anyone unfortunate enough to fall for their scheme.  That is a big reason why I always look into things so thoroughly.

      A lot of good opportunities are lost because of all the scammers,  I can’t even imagine how many people have turned away from the 30 Minute Workday simply because of Nick’s overly aggressive marketing style.  I am so grateful for the fact that I took the time to dig deeper into this program!

      I am glad that you found my review helpful.  I hope it provided you with the information and insight that you need to make an informed decision about whether it is right for you or not.

      Good luck to you in all your future successes!


  21. This 30 minute workday review is very important. I have  always had frustration of hard-work which does not yield fruitful results depending on the efforts applied. On the other hand, many online businesses or investment companies promise returns which seem to be too good to be true; not revealing how they make that money and also not having distinct address.

    • Thank you Kokontala.  I am glad you found my review helpful!  You are right, it is very frustrating to put in so much hard work and not see any results.  That is why I like the 30MWD so much.  I have seen almost immediate results.

  22. This was a really excellent review of the 30 Minute Workday. It explained, exactly what one could expect on joining this program. While there certainly seems to be a comprehensive training program associated with it, as explained, it is definitely necessary to devote more time than 30 minutes per day to get the program established. The aggressive marketing you mentioned would have made me suspicious that it might be a scam but your assessment was reassuring. I have some personal involvement in a couple of other programs – one was good and the other turned out to be a scam. I agree that “Done For You” initiatives could lead to market saturation which could be a problem. All in all, this great review would enable anyone contemplating joining the program make a thoughtful and considered decision.

    • Thank you Jenni!  I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my review.  I am glad you found it beneficial!  Best of luck to you in all your future successes!



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