The Home Cash Code: Scam or Get-Rich-Quick System?

Home Cash Code supposedly makes it rain cash

The Home Cash Code: Scam or Get-Rich-Quick System?

Have you come across Home Cash Code in your search for work from home opportunities? You need to be informed before you purchase this get-rich-quick system. In my review of Home Cash Code, I’ll explain what it is, what claims they make, what evidence I’ve uncovered, and my verdict on whether it is a scam or not.

What is the Home Cash Code?

According to their website, Home Cash Code is a work-from-home system that will earn you cash after you complete their special training program. By using their top-secret blueprint, you will join the many other users of this system in making tons of cash using nothing other than your computer and internet access.

The funny thing is, you may have a hard time finding the exact location of Home Cash Code on the web because it has so many websites associate with it. You’ll bounce around through some of the following links as you travel further down the rabbit hole that is Home Cash Code.




And more!

Home Cash Code is definitely not Cash on Hand

What does the Home Cash Code claim to do for you?

Home Cash Code claims that all you need is your computer and internet access to start making big money today. You’ll get their top-secret blueprint along with an extensive training program for just $97, which they say is fully guaranteed and refundable. It takes some digging to find details, and you won’t get any information at all until you enter your name and email address. But after some investigation, the layout of training looks like this:


Home Cash Code Training

Three training videos

Exact strategies to follow

Pick five offers from offervault.com

Set up your domain

Start posting links

Simple, right?

Warning! Use at your own risk!
What’s the evidence?

There are many red flags that I see waving fanatically. First off, the Home Cash Code has the many duplicate sites that I’ve already mentioned. These sites all have similar names, almost identical logos, and sales pages that quote the same copy and claims. When you try to sign up or learn more, you’re always directed to yet another domain. It’ll make your head spin in just two clicks!


Some of the many other names of these duplicate sites are:

Home Jobs Today

Home Job Source

Payday at Home

Internet Careers Online

Ultimate Home Profits

Some sites you’ll find yourself directed to when trying to get more information are

Daily Web Biz

Earn at Home Club

Home Profit System

Financial Health Reset

Why would a reputable company bounce you around like this? The answer is…they wouldn’t!

The next red flag is the fake endorsements from major news networks. Home Cash Code wants you to believe they were mentioned on Fox News, USAToday, and NBC News. But if you look closer, it says that those networks featured stories on work from home opportunities, NOT Home Cash Code specifically.

If you happen to finally get to the bottom of the rabbit hole and purchase the top-secret blueprint to get rich quick, you’ll receive nothing other than a continuing series of upsells. And if you’re not happy with the product? You guessed it, no refunds as the site originally promised. Stop! Check other options before this scam!

My Verdict on This “Opportunity” To Work From Home.

After looking at all the red flags on the various Home Cash Code websites, I think it’s clear to see my verdict. Another note is that you’ll have a hard time finding a legitimate good review of this system. Most of the “good reviews” are from affiliate sites that are trying to cash in on sending unsuspecting people to this scam. The dizzying redirect of websites, deceptive advertising tactics, and unscrupulous product offerings lead to my verdict that Home Cash Code is a SCAM.

Specifically, it is a link posting scam that claims that you can make thousands of dollars just by placing links for big companies. These scams have been around for about as long as the internet has. They just keep regenerating under new names and new URLs. These scams all claim you can make money instantly with their system, but no system is ever produced.

Many of the websites I mentioned above have since been taken down. As more and more people have reported this scam, the sites are being removed. But it seems like Home Cash Code is making a comeback under the names Home Cash Sites and Home Cash Club. These new versions of the old scam offer a different product – a system that can teach you how to set up a dropship system at home. Essentially, as a drop shipper, you are the middleman between supplier and customer. But again, there is no system for you to buy. Just more upselling.

So, If you come across any site that looks like Home Cash Code, I recommend you pass on this scam and find a reputable way to make money from home.

Want to find another way?

There are definitely ways that you can make money from home that are legitimate and have been tested and reviewed. You can create a successful online business.  One that will earn you money as either a side gig or your full-time job. But there are many scams out there like Home Cash Code, so getting advice from an expert is important.

At veteransgetpaid.com my mission is to help you avoid scams and find real work from home programs.  Opportunities that will earn you money. I share my experience on the good and the bad so you can find financial freedom through work from home opportunities. I’ve written a comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate which is an affiliate marketing system that I highly recommend. For yet another work from home program I recommend, be sure to check out my in-depth review on the 30-Minute Workday. Both programs are great ways to start making money from home, and I give you all the information you need to get started. On top of that, if you pursue either of these options, I will be glad to help you out along the way!

Thinking about Bitcoin?  See my review on a bitcoin scam to avoid here.

Have you had any experience with Home Cash Code or any of its copycat sites? I’d love to hear your stories. Please share with the community by posting your comments below.

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