Is myBitcoinTube Legit? You can earn lots of money from

Is myBitcoinTube Legit?

Is mybitcointube Legit?

You can earn lots of money from merely watching videos all day! Sound too good to be true? Well, it just might be. You’ll find out soon in this review of myBitcoinTube, the “YouTube” of video advertising that pays you to watch videos.

What is myBitcoinTube?

TV with a Play Button


myBitcoinTube is a video advertising platform that offers revenue streams in three ways: earning, advertising, and referring. Earners get paid to watch videos that are sent directly to them on the platform. Another option is advertising, through buying packages that will send traffic to your YouTube videos and increase views to grow your channel. Or you can refer friends and family to the network and earn a commission on all their activity. The site offers multiple ways to get rich quickly and easily through their program.

How does myBitcoinTube claim you can make money?

Their website says that earners make up to $210 per video watched for at least 60 seconds. That claim alone would make anyone curious about whether this system is legit or not! In addition to earnings, you’ll get a free lottery ticket for each video you watch that is entered in weekly sweepstakes for big prizes (though they never reveal what the “big prizes” are).

How do you find these videos to watch? Easy, they send them to you daily, so there is almost no work on your part. Simply watch videos for 60 seconds, and you’ll receive instant bitcoin to your account. At $210 per 60-second video view — that’s $12,600 in one hour! Sign me up!

If watching videos all day is not how you want to spend your time, maybe you’d be interested in the advertiser’s program. Got a YouTube
channel that you’re trying to grow? myBitcoinTube can increase your views through packages starting at just $5, which will get you 500 video views or 100 banner ad clicks. Double that investment to $10, and you’ll get 1000 clicks to a link you specify. Ad services start at $50. At first glance, this seems like a cost-effective way to grow your YouTube channel or online business.

On top of all that, myBitcoinTube offers unlimited bonuses through their referral program. You’ll earn a percentage of referral activity, including 10% on bulk advertising packs and login advertising packs. You’ll also get 20% commissions when referrals upgrade their account. myBitcoinTube gives you a referral link to share for your convenience. Commissions are deposited into your account immediately. Magnifying Glass searching documents

What’s the evidence?

Wow! myBitcoinTube makes some pretty big claims about what you’ll get from joining their network. It seems they’ve found an easier way to make money from video views than YouTube has! The most successful YouTube channels need thousands of views before they begin to make money. Yet on myBitcoin Tube’s platform, you can earn thousands in just one day. That’s one of the first things that should make you go, “hmm?”

If you’re still wondering if myBitcoinTube is legit after reading these wild claims, you’ll get a better idea after trying to register and finding this:

mybitcointube registration fail

That’s right. The site must have been so popular that it is now CLOSED to new members.

No need to worry. You’ll be rerouted to the new program
Diversyshares, and they’d be happy to accept your registration. You’ll hardly notice you left myBitcoinTube’s website because the layout, colors, and fonts are exactly the same. Red flag!

mybitcointube banner

While you can’t find an owner of either myBitcoinTube or Diversyshares, you will find that the Diversyshares domain was registered just six months ago. That’s probably about the time that registrations closed at myBitcoinTube. More red flags!

You may be still wondering, did people get paid to watch videos? Some did, and here’s how.

The website is a rev-share program that uses membership monies to fund the meager payouts that make the system seem legit. When members discover making money isn’t as easy as it seemed, they get discouraged. Upsells and premium packages entice members to fast track their earnings. But eventually, everyone catches on, members drop out, and the whole system crashes.

As you can imagine, watching videos at myBitcoinTube doesn’t come as quickly as they say. Here’s the deal. First, you need to earn enough Bonus Video Points (BVP) to qualify to watch the videos that pay. You make BVP by watching bonus videos, and I mean A LOT of them. One bonus video will pay you 10 BVP, and you’ll need 2000-4000 BVP to watch paying videos!

If you want to speed up the process, you’ll need to get some people to join. Referrals earn you more BVP, which gives you access to the paying videos. And if you can’t find referrals, you can purchase advertising packs to increase your BVP with standard packages priced at $5 and premium ones at $50.

Oh, and remember those free lottery tickets entered weekly to win big prizes? There aren’t any weekly lotteries.

My verdict: Is myBitcoinTube legit?

Judge is mybitcointube legit

What’s the bottom line? Is myBitcoinTube legit? I say NO. They certainly can’t live up to the wild claims they make when they lure people into the program, and the company has no real product to sell. It is nothing more than a classic pyramid scheme that preys on intensive recruiting and referrals. Once you’re in the system, the videos are hardly promoted. The focus is on aggressively recruiting new members.

Payouts are spotty at best. As people get wise and drop out, payouts go down. Account balances zero out for no reason at all. Not surprisingly, the customer service number goes unanswered. And you guessed it–no refunds or guarantees allowed.

For these reasons, my verdict on myBitcoinTube is: it’s a scam. Please stay away from it and its replacement, Diversyshares.

Want to find another way?

Don’t be discouraged by online scams. You can earn money from home, and I can show you how. Check out my post on ways to supplement your income from home. I’ll share with you legitimate ways that you can earn money through sources you can trust. All you need is a computer, internet connection, a little skill, and a lot of motivation.

If you’re considering affiliate marketing as a way to earn money from home, you’ll want to check out my comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a great program that I recommend to everyone.

Did you try myBitcoin Tube or Diversyshare? Please share your experience below or leave a comment about any other online programs you’d like me to investigate.

6 thoughts on “Is myBitcoinTube Legit? You can earn lots of money from”

  1. Very interesting article. To be fair I’m just starting my adventure with digital marketing and warnings like this are extremely useful. There is so many scum sites that honest reviews are precious. Looking on BitcoinTube site I also don’t believe that you can earn money there. There are so many legit opportunities for business online that this program is not worth time and risk.

    • Thank you for your reply Cogito!  You are so right!  There are, unfortunately, more scams than legit options out there.  If you are just getting started and are interested in a couple of legit options, check out my reviews of Wealthy Affiliate and the 30-minute workday.  If you would like a free copy of the 183 page Escape Plan check out http://www.improvemypay.com  I think you will love it!

  2. Thanks for this article. I would steer clear of myBitcoinTube. I never believe in how you can earn from watching videos. This just sounds too good to be true. From what you have described, it is certainly a scam. I think the only time we can earn while having fun is when we have passion for our work. Or perhaps for the more lucky ones, there are those who are professional gamers who enjoy playing their games and earn from tournaments. 

    • Hi Richard!  Yep!  As the old adage goes, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life!”  In any job, no matter what it is and how much you love it, there will be some good days and some bad days.  But, if you have a passion for what you do, there will be many more good days than bad and your job satisfaction will soar!

  3. Kudos to you for such an honest article. Even though referrals could earn you a lot, you have kept it strictly truthful and have not recommended the program. These are the kind of reviews one is looking for when we search for information online.

    I tried to register, and I found that my invite keeps changing. Interesting. Well, I guess you are right. There is really no point in wasting time on Ponzi schemes.



    • Hi Aps!  Thanks for your response!  I pride myself on trying to be open and honest about everything I write and review.  I don’t do this for the money (although I enjoy that aspect of it too) 🙂  I do this as a way to help others avoid scams and improve their lives.


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