How to make money at home for free – Supplement your income with these ideas

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As a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, my job is to help people find employment. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, many of my clients ask me how to make money at home for free. This topic has been prevalent for years, but making money from home is even more desirable now. According to The Economics Daily report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 24 percent of the people employed in August 2020 worked from home!

Now for the good news, you don’t have to have a job to make money at home! In this article, I will be discussing several ways for you to make money from home. Keep in mind, NONE of these options are “Get rich quick” plans, and they ALL will require some effort on your part.

What do you need to make money at home?

Home office desk with laptop, cell phones, and a tablet on it everything you need to work at home

First and foremost, you have to have a strong work ethic. If you have a strong work ethic, a quiet space, and access to the Internet (Computer, tablet, phone, etc.), you have everything you need to make money at home for free.

Now add in a little motivation to get you started and you have overcome half the battle.  As Jim Ryun says, “Motivation is what gets you started.  Habit is what keeps you going!”

No matter what path you choose to follow in your trek to make money from home, you will need both motivation and habit.  The bottom line here is that regardless of where you are when you are working, you still have to do at least some work, on a consistent basis, if you expect to earn an income.

Legitimate Opportunities to Work from Home

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There are a variety of ways to make money from home. Whether you want to start your own business, work for someone else, or get paid for your woodworking hobby, all are potentially profitable options that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Just be careful to avoid the all-to-common scams that can cost you a lot of money. Now, on to the good stuff!

Blogging: Write about something you love and get paid to do it!

Blogs aren’t just someone’s online diary or a way for bored people to discuss whatever it is that they decided to share with the world. Blogs can be a fantastic way to make money. You start with an idea. It doesn’t have to be a unique idea, but it should be something that you know well because to make money blogging, you will want to show that you are a subject matter expert on the idea you are discussing. Ideally, you will be able to validate yourself as a subject matter expert through some formal training or education, but that is not required as long as you know your stuff.

Now, I know I said that these methods were free, and they can be for sure. However, if you want to make money blogging, you will want to choose and buy a Web domain name (yoursite.com), web hosting, and design your site. Then start populating the site with your content (your blog). The best part about this is that once you monetize your blog with affiliate programs like ShareASale, it can soon become a good source of a passive income! Need some help with that?

  • PRO TIP: Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to turn your blog into an income stream from ads and your social media sites. Wealthy Affiliate is an ideal place to start with their free starter course.
  • PRO TIP #2:  Another excellent training program to help teach you an ESCAPE PLAN can be found here.  That link gives you access to a FREE 183-page book that provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to become a successful online marketer.  My complete review of this product can be found here!

Online Surveys – Get paid for your opinions.

Man choosing a smiley face image on a survey screen work at home surveys

Tons of companies out there will pay you for your opinions. Learning the preferences and motivations of their target audience is vital to many companies’ success, and online surveys are a well-known and popular method used to gather this information.

The great thing about these surveys is that you can do them anytime. Yes, your answers must make sense and be honest, but you can find surveys that take anywhere from a couple of minutes to 30 minutes or longer. You can do as many as you want (or as few as you want) each time you decide to do them. You won’t get rich doing these surveys, but it’s not too difficult to make money at home by signing up with multiple survey companies.

So, which Online Survey Companies are Legitimate?

There are a lot of them out there. The first thing to keep in mind is that you should NEVER pay anything to join a survey company. If they are asking for your credit card information, steer clear. Here are some more reputable and better-paying ones for consumers based in the United States:

  1. Survey JunkieThis popular survey site provides tons of survey-taking opportunities. Every time you successfully complete a survey, you earn points. You can cash out those points once you have 1,000 points ($10.00)
  2. American Consumer OpinionThese guys will send out a screening survey each month and a full-length survey about once every three months or so. The screening surveys typically pay around $0.50, but the full-length surveys can pay up to $50 each.
  3. Swagbucks – This one isn’t great, but it’s not bad either. They offer numerous options to make money at home to include Time-sensitive surveys that pay reasonably well and quick surveys that you can do in minutes but pay very little. They also have daily polls to earn points towards cash out options.
  4. Opinion Outpost – Similar to American Consumer Opinion, but there are more opportunities. They just don’t pay as well.

Focus group sitting in a conference room a good option to work at home

Online Focus Groups

Much like online surveys, these focus groups can be a decent source of income. However, they are more selective, and they require more concentration and time than surveys. You may not qualify if you do not fit into the specific income or demographic criteria they are seeking. If you are eligible, you can earn $500 or more each month in cash or other compensation awards.

Become a Virtual Tutor – Use yer smarts! 🙂Free Demo offer that says "How much can I earn teaching English online?" An excellent way to work at home

Sharing your experience and knowledge like this is a more personal method of earning money. Virtual tutoring sessions are usually one-on-one sessions, but you can have as many students as you can handle. To improve your odds of success in tutoring, stick to subjects in which you are highly knowledgeable. Find a good and reputable platform to promote yourself, such as VIPKid, Chegg, and Education First. You will need to make sure your computer meets their system requirements, and you may have to get a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) certification, but Chegg starts tutors at $20 per hour, and you could earn upwards of $1,000 per month.

Have you got Junk? – One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! – Sell it!

shelves and tables with lots of stuff on them selling this stuff can earn an income

Many of us have closets full of stuff we haven’t even thought about for years. If you want to make some extra money, declutter your space and downsize your junk drawer. Unwanted stuff is a prime example of a “Low-Hanging Fruit.” Look around. Do you have any sporting goods, kids’ clothes, jewelry, electronics, tools, or toys that are just gathering dust? Maybe some out-of-fashion wardrobe accessories, old furniture, outdoor equipment, or even a big-ticket item like a motorcycle or a car you no longer need or want? There are plenty of ways to sell that stuff.

Some popular digital options for selling unwanted stuff include eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. However, there are also a few other options to consider, especially for electronics. Some reputable ones are MaxBack, Gazelle, SellCell, and Decluttr.

Don’t want to go with a digital selling option? Have a Garage or Yard Sale



Set yourself up for a successful sale with a few simple tips:

  1. Make sure you hold your sale during a popular time and date. Warmer weather and more extended weekends are great. Some communities also have “community-wide” Garage Sales that can provide you with free or cheap advertising for your event, and they draw in bigger crowds.
  2. Check the laws in your community to make sure you can legally hold your sale. You may need a permit.
  3. Advertise. List your sale on local social media sites and your city’s Craigslist page, and put up signs (where allowed) directing traffic to your location.
  4. Set fair starting prices, but be prepared to haggle. Set your prices about 10-15% higher than your bottom dollar and bundle low-value items into lots of five or ten.
  5. When possible, offer multiple payment options. Garage Salers typically carry cash, so make sure you have plenty of small bills and coins to make change. However, it’s a good idea to provide cashless payment options too. Point-of-sale systems like Square offer you a way to accept credit cards, and they are very reasonably priced. You may get more bang for your buck as today’s society is tends to carry less cash (or they may try to use that as a haggling tactic.)

How are your writing skills? Sell your words, get paid Freelance style!

fountain pen writing on lined paper being an author is a good way to work at homeWhether you never finished high school or have multiple PhDs, if you are good with words, you can use them to generate an income. Here are some pointers to set yourself up for success.

  • Create a productive home office space. It can be a spare bedroom, a writing corner in your living room, or an actual home office. Whatever it is, make sure you have a comfortable chair, good lighting, and no distractions.
  • Ensure you have a suitable laptop with a reputable word processing suite and some way of tracking your income and business-related expenses like Quickbooks. There are some free ones out there, decide which is best for you.
  • Find a Freelance Copywriting Platform. Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Textbroker or decent options. They don’t pay great, but they help you build a portfolio and learn what is expected from editors so you can become an even better writer.
  • Know your worth. The value of your work has a lot of variables, so setting rates can be a challenge. Typically, licensed experts (attorneys, CPAs, etc.) can charge more but don’t set yourself up with a fixed rate. The better you get, and the more familiar you become in your niche, the more valuable you become.
  • Make sure you protect yourself with a contract that can be enforced. You don’t have to be a lawyer to have one; you need to find a legitimate template for a freelance contractor and modify it to fit your needs.

Like reading more than writing? Get paid to proofread and edit other people’s works.

girl sitting on a couch reading a book with full bookshelves behind her proofreading and editing can help make money at home

Start small as a new editor. You can look for part-time work or project-based options and maybe leverage some Freelance platforms I discussed previously. If you know someone who uses contract editors, talk to them about assuming those jobs directly. There are several options for working as an online editor. You can be a:

  1. Copy Editor – Edit and correct written copy before it is published
  2. Photo and Web Editor – create or edit the visuals that appear on websites and other digital media
  3. Manuscript Editor – Many self-publishers and publishing houses seek editors to polish the books they’ve written.
  4. Assistant Editor – Supervise the types of editors mentioned above and the support staff that produced digital publications

OK, reading and writing aren’t your things? OK. Do you like animals? (Hint: You CAN but you may not WANT to work at home for this gig!)

A kitten and a puppy laying together in some grass


Start a pet sitting business in your home. Don’t get me wrong; I am not suggesting that you turn your house into a zoo! But, there are plenty of pet owners out there that need someone to watch “Spot” or “Fluffy” when they go away for business or vacation. This gig can be fun and reasonably lucrative. Don’t want to do all the heavy lifting involved in marketing, advertising, and legalese? No sweat, check out Rover; they do all the hard stuff for you. You create a profile demonstrating your experience, choose the types of animals you want to care for, and when you want to do it, then Rover pays you two days after you provide that service. Rover claims you can make $1,000 per month doing this, but I am sure earnings will vary based on client availability.

Are numbers more your thing? Then this work at home option might be as easy as 1,2,3 for you!

a laptop and a calculator

Become a Virtual Bookkeeper. Bookkeeping is a competitive industry, so the best way to get into it is to take a credentialing training course. There are several out there with various options. Bookkeepers is an online training course, for example, that has three different options that you could look into if this is your niche.  CLick below to check out an awesome FREE intro class.  They also offer military discounts to Active duty and Retired Servicemembers and their spouses!

Do you have the voice of an Angel (or maybe a Devil depending on what you are reading)? How about getting paid for narrating Audiobooks?

Street sign with Spanish writing on itIf you can pass the auditions, you can find a good gig narrating audiobooks. Then you can get paid twice! You can earn an hourly rate while you are doing the reading, AND you may be able to collect royalties on the books’ sales. Everyone loves royalties! Oh, by the way, if you are a SAG-AFTRA union actor, you have to charge a minimum of $200 per “finished hour.” So if the book you narrated is 10 hours long, that is at least a $2,000 payday, not counting the royalties.

Speaking of talking for money (see what I did there?)

If you speak a foreign language, you can get paid for translation services. Yes, translation software is great and all, but a literal translation is not always what a business wants. If you are good at wordsmithing and paraphrasing, you can earn a pretty good income using those linguistic skills of yours!


One last thing to remember about work at home options

Most of these opportunities are not likely to make you enough money to live a life of luxury. But if you are looking for ways to supplement your retirement, disability pay, or regular wages, then one of these options might be perfect for you. Many of these options are scalable enough to turn into lucrative careers if you are willing to put forth the effort. If none of these ideas tripped your trigger, figure out something you enjoy doing, and head to Google to see if there’s a way you can make money from home doing it! The only thing stopping you from monetizing your at-home passion project into a paying gig is you! So, what’s your favorite idea on how to make money from home? I would love to hear about it and what you like the most about it!

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  1. Ever since the pandemic broke out everybody has been seeking for how to make money from home and there has been so many opportunities out there which of course one needs to have good working ethics to be able to access. These ideas here can really help save lives out there looking for ways to make money online, nice write up!

    • Hi Harry.  Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my article.  My goal is to help people live better lives and I hope that this article will do that.  If you found value in it, I would love it if you shared it with others.  Thanks again!

  2. Great to see your article again Thomas! Thanks for your service again, know I can’t thank you enough. I enjoyed going through this, You have presented us with couple of ways to make money at home. Personally, I think Online surveys are great, only problem is users are easy disqualified, or there just may not me enough surveys

    • Hi Josh, Thanks again!  You’re right, people are easily disqualified from the surveys.  On the bright side though, the disqualification is quick and they still compensate you a couple of points for your time.  Not a terrible deal considering you can do them at your leisure.

  3. Hello there!  This is an amazing review you have got here.  I am very sure this will be of great help to anyone who come across it especially newbies like me.  I think I will love to try out online surveys as its related to what I studied I schisms at such it won’t be strange and difficult for me.  Thanks for sharing this with me.

    • Hi Evans211.  Thanks for reading and comment on my article.  I am glad that you found it helpful.  Don’t get discouraged if you get disqualified from some of the surveys.  There are a ton of them available and you will qualify for a lot of them.  Sign up for several different survey companies and be consistent and you will see a decent return.  Thanks again and good luck!

  4. Thanks for this detailed and informative guide on the topic of making money from home. This article contains ideas on how to make money from home, what are needed and opportunities available online, which in all summation is enough information for anyone to have a plan to start making money online from home.

    • Thanks Nelson.  I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my article.  I am glad you found it helpful and it is my hope that others will too.  Thanks again!

  5. Thank you very much for those great ideas! These are highly useful for my dad. He’s been retired and looking to find additional income, but I don’t have a good idea. He loves teaching language, so he should be suitable to do virtual tutoring. Since he is good with Mandarin, he may also good to try creating Chinese Audiobooks. Thank you again

    • Hi Alblue.  Thank you so much for your response.  Mandarin is a very desirable language and I am sure that your dad could make money teaching and reading if he put his mind to it to do so.  Best of luck to both of you!

  6. Many different people are already making good money by working from their home and this different ways are probably some of the very best. I myself am looking for a good way and I think becoming a blogger is one that I can really work with. Thanks for sharing this information with me here.

    • Hi Jamie.  Thanks for your comments!  Monetizing your blog is definitely a good way to earn money.  It is not a quick process, so be patient, be consistent, and be honest.  If you do those things, success will follow!  Good luck and thanks again!

  7. This is really good and it can make the whole difference for us all I like the way you have presented all these here and how it can really be the best thing g for us all. I like making money doing so many little things out there and seeing this out there is just perfect. Thanks so much for Sharing these offers here

    • Thank you Liza.  I am glad that you found this helpful.  Anyone who wants to earn money online or working from home has to have work ethic and integrity.  I wish you the best of luck in your future success!

  8. Hello there, Nlogging is not as difficult as many people think. You can have a blog up and running with the first post in a couple of hours easily. Then, maintain your blog with regular content updates and make sure you use relevant keywords in each post to boost the SEO and rank higher. Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks Nelson.  You are correct.  Blogging is not a difficult thing, but it does take time to make money doing it.  As a blogger, you have to have credibility and attract traffic that converts.  A good way to do that, update your blog regularly with relevant content and be responsive.  Good luck to you in your future success and thanks again!

  9. Theseare great ideas for making money at home that should be taken advantage of. Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, physical job opportunities have dropped, causing increase in the search for online jobs. This has been the cas for me, so reading this article and getting to know about these opportunities is of great value to me.

    • Hello Alkelvin and thank you for your response.  I am glad that you found my article helpful and I hope that others will get value from it as well.  The ability to work from home is more and more realistic nowadays, but that doesn’t mean its easy.  It still takes effort and diligence.  Thanks again!

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    • Thank you Babakes.  I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my article.  There are literally hundreds of ways to earn an income from home in today’s society.  I am glad that you found this article helpful and I wish you the best of luck!

  11. Thank you very much for a well address article. Many people try several things and say they are not profitable. The problem is not the niche or the model of work at home but we ourselves. We fail to create an ideal environment and to approach our work-at-home like the normal day job. instead of concentrating at your desk, we chat away with friends and family, attend to family issues and still to be productive. 

    If any one will be productive from creating surveys, writing blogs at home, e-commerce or any work from home, you must attend to it with all seriousness and put in the required effort 

    • You are 100% correct Parameter.  Just because you are working from home, that doesn’t mean that you can slack off.  If you hope to profit from any endeavor, you have to put forth effort.  Thanks for your response and for taking the time to read my article.  I hope you found value in it.

  12. Very interesting different ideas from what I’ve seen about working from home. I think I could narrate audiobooks, I once got a free brownie dessert because of my nice voice on the phone. Thank you for sharing these great ideas, I see this being useful to so many people right now

    • MMMM.  Brownies!  🙂  Thanks Antarctic.  If you have a nice voice and enjoy reading, narrating audiobooks could be a very lucrative and a fun job for you!  I listen to audiobooks all the time and I have certain narrators that are my favorites and I find myself interested in buying and listening to those books not only because of the content of the book, but because of my enjoyment in the narrator’s voice.  Good luck and thanks again!

  13. This is excellent information to offer people to supplement their incomes as well as to create long-term sustaining incomes. I have bookmarked your article to share with others as well. This saves people a lot of time having to do their own research and also helps them avoid opportunities that are a waste of time and money. Several of these ideas are scalable and can create significant income.

    • Thank you very much Joseph!  I appreciate you taking the time to read and respond to my article.  The ability to create long-term sustainable income is a fantastic way to set yourself up for success in your future.  Especially if you can find something that provides you with a passive income!  I am glad that you found this information helpful and thank you for your willingness to share it with others.  Good luck to you in your future endeavors and successes!

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    • Hi Bolt.  Thank you for reading and replying to my article!  I am glad that it was of value to you.  These are just a small sample of all the ways you can make money online from your home.  I wish you success in all of your future endeavors and remember to always be consistent and NEVER, NEVER give up!

  15. This is truly a great article on how to make money at home.  The information is so thorough and presents a full description of the several different legitimate work from home opportunities.  Yes, it does take a strong work ethics.  However, with the COVID unexpected layoffs many are forced to develop good work ethic in order to survive.  I really love the idea of narrating audiobooks.   Thank you so much for the honest, detailed review of work choices that can be done from home.

    • Thanks Patricia!  I am glad you found this article beneficial!  I wish I had the voice to be able to narrate audiobooks, I think that would be a fun job!

  16. THese have been all good options. I didn’t know there were so many ways to make money online. I would really like to give narrating audiobooks a try. I really enjoy listening to audiobooks and I have also worked a bit on radio. I am not in SAG-AFTRA but this is still the option that I liked most. Thank you!

    • Thanks Paolo!  You do not have to be in SAG-AFTRA to get a job narrating, but it definitely adds to your credibility and gives you an excellent starting point for contract rates!

  17. There are lots of options to make money online and as a veteran you’ll be very delighted to take on these offer a as you’ll be doing it at the comfort of your home at your own convenience. Blogging is one very good idea that has been paying off today and so far you are looking for more means to do better you’ll make progress and more money. Surveys are nice but are not the best because of low income. 

    • Thanks JMason.  I agree, surveys are not a good source of significant income, but I like the fact that I can do a survey or two while I am sitting around watching TV.  I have recently gone through the bookkeepers course I mentioned and it’s pretty good.  That can be a very lucrative option for some!

  18. Wow – excellent post with a VAST array of methods to make money at home for free. I’ve seen so many people recommend surveys but when I look more into them they only pay maybe a couple dollars for a really long survey. Is that something you’ve experienced or do you know of some high paying, short survey sites? I’m curious what your #1 recommendation for making money from home for free would be?

    • Hi Dev!  Thank you for reading and replying to my post!  Unfortunately, when it comes to surveys, I have not found a super-profitable one.  I like them because I enjoy doing surveys, and I can typically knock out 5-10 surveys a night just by doing them on my phone while I am watching TV.  That being said, I still get disqualified from many of the surveys I try to do, so it is definitely not my #1 recommendation.

      My #1 recommendation for making money from home for free would have to be online marketing.  I really enjoy affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate, and the community is awesome, but it takes a long time to generate an income from them.  The method I use that has made me a decent income in a short time is called “The Escape Plan,” and you can get the FREE 183-page book here. (Don’t worry, the link will open in a new window/tab).  Let me know what you think.

  19. Working from home and earning to make a living out of that is really anyone’s desire. There’s much frustration caused by the hard-work applied but not yielding fruitful results. Some online survey companies may seem too good to be legitimate.  I am pleased so to come across the ones you outlined to be legitimate online survey companies.

    • Hi Kokontala.  Thank you for your response!  Yes, it can be very frustrating trying to make a living working from home.  However, if you work hard, produce honest and knowledgable information and products, and have patience, you will eventually see the fruits of your labors.  I have to admit that I am somewhat addicted to Wealthy Affiliate, but it takes a long time to turn that into a residual income stream.  I found a free book that has helped me earn a consistent income stream quickly, and I use it in conjunction with my Wealthy Affiliate platform.  You can get your free copy of that book here if you are interested.

  20. Thanks for introducing the work at home opportunity, Thomas! When I first got started online, all I focused on was looking for paid survey opportunities, but to no avail. If I must be sincere, I never earned a penny from all my survey taking endeavors. It’s either I was disqualified at one survey site or restricted from taking surveys at another. In short, taking survey was so frustrating in the early time of my getting started online.

    But because of your encouraging post, I may have to try out some survey sites again and see if there will be positive changes this time around. I just need to earn some extra income alongside building a virtual estate of my own.



    • Hi Joyce.  Thank you for your honest feedback.  I agree, doing surveys can be very frustrating!  I do get disqualified more than I like, but I added them as an option because, as I stated in the article, I enjoy doing them in my free time.  I can do several surveys a night while watching TV, and it adds up slowly but surely.  I definitely would not recommend surveys as a stand-alone way to supplement your income, but I enjoy doing them, so it is a pleasant surprise when I can cash out from one survey site or another.  If you are interested in a free training program that can help you make money from home for free in a much faster way, I recommend you check out “The Escape Plan.”  It has been perfect for me so far, and it helps support my Wealthy Affiliate habit! Lol…  

  21. I love all the ideas in this article as I’m always looking for ways to boost my income. This article is packed full of interesting income ideas that some people wouldn’t even think of. I’m going to clear out my garage and cupboards in the house now as I’ve found the inspiration.

    • LOL Thanks, Michael!  When I was in the military, my wife and I used to make it a point to have one HUGE garage sale every time we moved.  Now that I am retired and settled into one place, we usually participate in our town’s annual community garage sale. It is nice to get that extra income!  Thanks again, and best of luck in your future successful sale!

  22. Thank you Thomas for curating such a helpful list of legit online opportunities. l bet, one needs a strategy if you are in for the long run. One of the strategies is to create your own blog or website in a niche that you are passionate about. While you are waiting for your website to gain traction and some authority, you can periodically take surveys. 

    After getting kicked out from a number of survey sites, l learned it the hardway. Survey opportunities are not regularly available and at earnings are inconsistent. Thank you for providing such a wide variety of work online opportunities.

    • Hi Amos.  Thank you for reading and replying to my article.  That is a great strategy.  Blogging about your passion is great because you enjoy it, and you are a subject matter expert if it is really your passion.  That expertise shows in the posts and advice that you provide to your readership.  The key to success is making sure that you provide value to your readers in whatever you are writing about.  Thanks again, and best of luck to you in your future successes!

  23. First of all, thank you for pointing out that you need a good work ethic to work from home.  Too many people believe the “make $100,000 in 30 minutes a day” hype.  Now ask anyone who actually supports themself working from home and you’ll get a different story!

    Aside from that, you have some great suggestions here.  I am currently an affiliate marketer working with Wealthy Affiliate and I recommend them 100%!  

    The other suggestions are really great as well.  I think I’ll look into proofreading and freelance writing!  

    And, P.S.? People are always looking for house/animal sitters.  I do it all the time!

    • Hi Cynthia!  Thanks again for your feedback!  You are absolutely correct; too many people believe that you can find some trick that allows you to work a few minutes and sit back and watch the cash roll in.  I, too, am an affiliate marketer with Wealthy Affiliate, and I have to say, I am addicted to it!  I love the community and the integrity that they promote and teach.

      As for the 30-minute a day program, I discussed with “The Escape Plan,” even its creator explains that you can’t expect to make $100,000 overnight in 30 minutes.  But, I have found that if you have a strong work ethic and follow the steps he lays out in training, it is possible.  Just like they teach us in WA, the key to this is in the residual income.  “The Escape Plan” is FREE and teaches how to develop that very well, and it has assisted me in supporting my WA habit!  Thanks again!

  24. Hi!

    I went through your post.

    The subject is very detailed and informative in a way that ,we can find some different possibilities and interest in working from home. And see what would be our strength an interest and what we like ..because we need to do something we enjoy like any other job.

    In these difficult times , the timing of that topic is perfect , people are struggling to get some money and are staying at home so why not build our own job with all the free time.

    I guess your research on the matter was extensive or maybe you tried a couple of those..

    I really like your (table of content), it made me see “the big picture of your website” and direct myself where i wanted to.

    Your post can “be continued” sometime , like a part 2 of the best online business!!! 😉

    Good Job!

    • Hi Pierre.  Thank you for your feedback!  I really like the idea of doing a “Part 2”  Maybe I will do that soon.  I refuse to write about something if I haven’t researched it, so it will take a little while to publish part 2 but keep your eyes open as I will be publishing more reviews on some of these specific ideas.  My next review will be coming very soon!  Thanks again.


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